SZWENXIN G5 Airless Spray Gun with Guard and 517 Tip for Airless Paint Sprayers


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G5 Airless Spray Gun

 G5 Airless Spray Gun G5 Airless Spray Gun

About this project

SZWENXIN G5 airless spray gun with protective cover and 517 TIP rotary joint, high pressure 3600 PSI

Built in hose rotation, 60 mesh spray gun filter, reduce nozzle blockage

Forged aluminum can withstand harsh working environment and is lighter than leading competitive guns

Professional spray gun can be used for most airless spray painting machines.

Atomizer tip and nozzle seatAtomizer tip and nozzle seat

Atomizer tip and nozzle seat

High atomization air circuit design can obtain fine paint surface, high hardness, no slippery wire, no rust, and durable

It is suitable for home decoration and large area painting.

Gun headGun head

Entrance and exit of spray gun

Stable and even paint discharge, high construction efficiency, no waste of paint, precision gas quenching heat treatment, nozzle needle more durable and long life.Outlet: 7/8 inch,Inlet joint 1/4 inch thread,Thread rotary joint. Can be used for most airless sprayers.


Fixed clip

When using, avoid accidentally pressing the switch, which may cause spraying to inappropriate places. Please lock the trigger lock of the spray gun.

 Antiskid handle  Antiskid handle

Antiskid handle

The pattern convex surface, anti slip, anti sweat, anti release, high comfort of the grip, and firm structure are not easy to loose.

Four finger trigger, easy to pull, easy to operate.

G5 Airless Spray Gun

G5 Airless Spray GunG5 Airless Spray Gun


Made of stainless steel, high quality, rust proof, durable.

Fine atomization, durable workmanship, fine durability, paint saving, convenient installation.

Specifications: Max Operating Pressure: 3600 PSI / 248 bar Inlet: 1/4” Thread Outlet: 7/8” Thread Spray Tip Size: 517 Color: Blue Trigger Configuration: Four Finger Trigger Wight: 1.45 lbs Dimension: 10 X 5.6 X2 IN Package: 1 x Airless Spray Gun 1 x Tip Guard 1 x 517 Tip with seal

Built-in Hose Swivel, 60 mesh gun filter to reduce nozzle clogging.
Forged Aluminum is able to Withstand harsh Working environments, Lighter than leading competitive Guns
Professional-grade spray gun with Fast, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Excellent Atomization.
Thumb engaged Safety Lock allows you to Lock the handle when not spraying for Safety.Full 4-finger trigger with light smooth pull provides Control and Comfort.

SZWENXIN G5 Airless Spray Gun with Guard and 517 Tip for Airless Paint Sprayers
SZWENXIN G5 Airless Spray Gun with Guard and 517 Tip for Airless Paint Sprayers


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