Accubrush MX Paint Edger 11 Piece Jumbo kit


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Product Description

Accubrush Paint Edger - Cut Your Painting Time in Half!Accubrush Paint Edger - Cut Your Painting Time in Half!

Cut In Edges in Minutes, not Hours! Cutting in paint can be tedious and time-consuming…but not any more! Accubrush patented technology will eliminate hours of tedious work required to tape and/or cut in by hand.

Greatly reduces the time spent applying masking tape Paints 10-20 times faster than a sash brush Cuts in 5-8 feet per loadCuts in a band that is 4″ wideReduces the number of painters needed on a job by 50% or morePays for itself in labor savings on the first day on the job. Ensures that even painters with little or no experience can paint consistent, straight edges with no paint on the trim

Invented by a professional painter to help his crews cut in paint edges faster and more consistently, the Accubrush has become a time saver for professional painters and homeowners alike. It is the only paint edger to use the patented combination of roller, shield and brush.

The Accubrush can be used to cut in paint around:

DoorsWindowsCeilings (smooth, or textured such as orange peel or knockdown. Users with popcorn ceilings have had mixed results)Accent WallsBaseboards (needs a top edge that is 1/4″ or wider for best results)Crown Molding (needs a bottom edge that is 1/4″ or wider for best results)Chair Rail

Please note that this version of the Accubrush, the MX Handheld model can NOT be mounted on a pole. Using this model, you can paint the top of the wall up against the ceiling, but you will need to use a ladder or scaffolding to reach the ceiling line. If you wish to mount the Accubrush on a pole (handy for houses with tall ceilings, or for painting above stairwells), please look at our XT pole-mountable model shown in the comparison chart below.

Family Handyman Magazine Cover - DIY Painting Tools Review IssueFamily Handyman Magazine Cover - DIY Painting Tools Review Issue

“One of the Best We’ve Tried” – Family Handyman Magazine

If you don’t paint every day, “cutting-in” a room can be frustrating. The Accubrush edge-painting tool is one of the best we’ve tried. It makes cutting-in quick and easy. With just a little practice, you can paint perfectly straight lines along ceilings and moldings. – Family Handyman Magazine

How Our Patented Technology Can Cut Your Painting Time in Half

accubrush rolleraccubrush roller

accubrush paint brushaccubrush paint brush

accubrush paint shieldaccubrush paint shield

Speed of a Roller

The paint is loaded onto a standard roller which is then rolled on to the wall.

You will easily and quickly cut in a 4″ wide band of paint along the edge of the wall, You can edge between 5 to 8 feet between reloading the roller – much farther than with a sash brush. You get a rolled texture all the way to the edge of the wall, unlike a paint pad.You can easily feather out edge of this band to avoid “picture framing,” or a thick band of paint around the edge of the wall.

Accuracy of a Paint Brush

A small brush then picks up the paint that the roller has left, and moves it precisely to the very edge of the wall. This brush provides a sharp, precise cut-in line. You do not need to load the brush with paint.

The edger automatically holds the brush the exact distance from the edge to ensure that you get razor-sharp edges, every time. The brush is adjustable (in and out) to accommodate textured walls such as orange peel and knockdown textures. Brush is removable, washable and reusable.

No-Smear Shield Eliminates Taping!

A specially-designed shield keeps the paint from getting on the trim or ceiling.

Your trim and ceilings will stay perfectly free of paint. Paint an entire room or more before having to clean paint off the edger shield. Not having to mask off those long runs of trim will save you hours of tedious work. You will save money not having to buy rolls and rolls of expensive masking tape.

This Accubrush MX Jumbo Kit Contains:

Accubrush MX EdgerAccubrush MX Edger

Accubrush Refill RollersAccubrush Refill Rollers

Accubrush Brush RefillsAccubrush Brush Refills

MX Standard Edger

The lightweight MX handheld model excels at cutting in around doors and windows, chair rail and baseboards. 

This model can also be used along ceilings, but requires a ladder or scaffolding to do so, as it is not pole-mountable.

4 Replacement Rollers

Additional rollers and brushes allow you to quickly change paint colors while painting. 

Four Additional Rollers – 4″ wide, 2″ diameter, 3/8″ nap poly-blend rollers provide a rolled texture from wall to wall (the brush covers the final 1/4″ against the trim.)  The rollers are durable and can be washed and reused.   Each roller holds enough paint to edge 5-8 feet in a single load and these rollers are the key to the speed of the Accubrush.

4 Replacement Brushes

Four Additional Brushes are reusable.

MX Standard Edger

XT Pole Mountable Edger

Additional Rollers
4 2 4 4 4

Additional Brushes
4 2 4 4 4

4″ Paint Tray

36″ Paint Pole

Paint Edger has brush which cuts in precisely to the edge
Rollers are washable and reusable
Patented Roller-brush combination
30 day money back guarantee

Accubrush MX Paint Edger 11 Piece Jumbo kit
Accubrush MX Paint Edger 11 Piece Jumbo kit


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