Deck Stain Brush Applicator by Magimate – Thick Soft Large Paint Brush Head with Threads for Extension to Apply Stain and Sealers on Wood Deck Floor Fence Walls – 7 Inch Wide

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Product Description

Extra Large Stain Applicator Brush by Magimate

Deck Stain Applicator Brush for Large SurfaceDeck Stain Applicator Brush for Large Surface

Giant Stain Brush for Quick Application on Large Surface Areas

This stain brush is extra thick and wide, holds more paints at a time, distributes the stain evenly and uniformly, make deck staining a breeze.

Versatile Heavy Duty Paint Brushes

Large Emulsion BrushLarge Emulsion Brush

Interior deck floor painting brushInterior deck floor painting brush

stain brush for concrete sealer waterproofingstain brush for concrete sealer waterproofing

Large Emulsion Brush

7″ x 2″ (180mm x 50mm), Interlocked Poly Bristle, thick and wide. Covers more areas in less time.

A back saving solution.

Deck Floor Interior Stain Brush

Great for house painting like deck floor, pine ceiling, multiple use. Give you a great finish.

A paint material saver.

Huge Brush for Waterproof Concrete Sealers

Standard threaded brush head. Fits universal extension poles or a garage broom handle.

Speed up paint application.

Deck brush stain applicator

shed stain brushshed stain brush

Staining brush for outdoorStaining brush for outdoor

gardening paint brushgardening paint brush

Large Shed & Fence Brush

The brush is sturdy enough to force the stain into the wood, efficient paint tool for decks, cedar siding, and long walkway, apply stain smoothly.

Deck Staining Brush

The stain brush bristles are soft enough to get into the cracks/ crevices, gaps between the planks for a complete application.

Garden Building Brush

Perfect for solid stain application, timber oil based stain, tint, lime wash. Attaching to an extension stick, you can stand up for patio ground staining with ease.

large wood stain brushlarge wood stain brush

wood stain brush large

wood deck stain brush house paintingwood deck stain brush house painting Get a professional paint finish

big wood staining brush.

With a household threadable handle for extension, you will enjoy the massive painting job. Bristle is soft and flexible, no paint strokes.

Wood stain brush 7 inch

Wide brush. Great coverage.

Bristles are long and flexible for back brushing, decking and railings.

Easy to control for paint application.

The brush bristle is soft but stressed. Apply stain into wood grain evenly. Getting in between each boards, grooves. knots and tight places with ease. Nice stain applicator, make staining easier and faster. Giant Block Paint Brush, a labor and time saver. Good performance on smooth surfaces and rough surfaces.

Deck stain brush applicator

large stain brush paint applicatorlarge stain brush paint applicator

Thick Soft Large Paint Brush Head – Paint More Area in Less Time

Ultra Large Stain Paint Brush

Brush head with a threaded end for adding a screw-on type extender.

Perfect for Large painting projects, interior or exterior.

Wood Deck Floor and Fence Stain Brushes

wood stain brush 7"wood stain brush 7"

very large wall paint brushvery large wall paint brush

shed and fence stain brushesshed and fence stain brushes

Save paints

Pour teak oil, rust oleum, polyurethane or any other paints / stains in a paint tray (either a 4 inch or a 9 inch tray fits).

Great capacity

Wide Large Stain Brush, speed up your painting work. Save materials.

Sturdy Brush

Thick Wide Paint Brush, stainless ferrule, durable and easy to clean.

💎THICK and WIDE: This Deck Paint Brush is thick enough to hold good amounts of paints. Much faster and easier for applying oils, water-based stains, wood brightener, solid stain, latex, emulsion, limewash, seal/ sealant on large surface areas. Easy to control in lightweight application and heavy paints. A paint materials saver.
💎FLEXIBLE and STRESSED: The Stain Brush is soft enough to spread paint evenly, gets in between deck boards and cracks with ease, giving you a smooth stain application finish. The brush filament features medium stiffness stress, flexible to force stains on wood, floor, decking, docks, shed and fence. A labor and time saver.
💎VERSATILE and EFFICIENT: This 7-inch mega Staining Brush works extensively for various rough surfaces, patio concrete, cedar siding and log stain. Specifically efficient for very large decks, back brushing deck stain, old weathered decks with crevices, masonry, brickwork and all other outdoor, interior/ exterior big painting projects.
💎QUALITY BRUSHES: No Loss of Bristle. No Paint Streaks. Easy to Clean in proper way for repeated use. Quality Guaranteed.

Deck Stain Brush Applicator by Magimate – Thick Soft Large Paint Brush Head with Threads for Extension to Apply Stain and Sealers on Wood Deck Floor Fence Walls – 7 Inch Wide
Deck Stain Brush Applicator by Magimate – Thick Soft Large Paint Brush Head with Threads for Extension to Apply Stain and Sealers on Wood Deck Floor Fence Walls – 7 Inch Wide


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