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Ascend Exterior Water-Based Clear Finish is a durable coating designed for exterior application on wood, fiberglass, coated metal, or painted surfaces. It contains ultraviolet absorbers for advanced sun protection. Dries quickly and cleans easily with soap and water. Use it on properly prepared exterior surfaces, such as railings, outdoor furniture, above waterline marine surfaces, as well as doors including wood, fiberglass, and steel. It can also be used on interior windowsills and door frames for added ultraviolet protection. SURFACE PREP: All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, wax, grease, glue, and other contaminants. DO NOT use over shellac, lacquer, filler, stains, or sealers containing stearates. Remove sanding dust with a vacuum or damp cloth. DO NOT use a tack rag. BARE WOOD: Thoroughly sand surface; starting with medium grit sandpaper progressing to fine grit sandpaper. Do not use steel wool. PREVIOUSLY FINISHED SURFACES: The surface should be sanded to remove imperfections and gloss using fine sandpaper. STAINED SURFACES: Stain must be thoroughly dry before applying clear finish. Allow oil-based stain to dry a minimum of 48 hours in good drying APPLICATION: Stir thoroughly, DO NOT SHAKE. Test the finish on an inconspicuous area to ensure adequate adhesion. Ascend Exterior Water-Based Clear Finish appears milky in the can but dries clear. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply with a synthetic fiber brush, foam brush, flat pad, or sprayer. A short nap roller may be used for large flat areas but must be brushed immediately to alleviate air bubbles. Apply in full even coats in the direction of the grain. Over applying can produce a milky appearance. Do not over-brush or create excess bubbles. Sand lightly between coats with fine sandpaper to produce a smoother finish. Three coats are recommended for minimum protection. This product gives a soft wood amber that ONLY becomes noticeable when applied over white or pastel paints and stains
Superior UV protection in an easy-to-apply, water-based formula. Dries quickly (30 min), multiple coats in one day.
Resist moisture and weather, protects the integrity of the substrate. Coverage: 230-465 as.ft. per gallon
Crystal clear, durable finish available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens.
Use on: Wood, Fiberglass, Coated Metal, Painted Surfaces, Window Sills, Doors and Door Frames, Railings, Outdoor Furniture, Marine Surfaces (above water-line), Craft Projects, so much more.
Do not use on wooden decks, steps or fences, log homes, or surfaces below the waterline.



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