Apollo Brush 500 Series Poly Blend Firm Angle Sash Paint Brush (2 Inch)


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Apollo Brush 500 Series


We’re not here to tell you we have the best brush you’ll ever use.What we can provide you is a brush with excellent production and cut in qualities that you can be confident in using for yourself and your crew. DIY’ers, HOME OWNERS, WEEKEND WARRIORS

Our aim is to eliminate the confusion that comes with the overwhelming variety of paintbrush handles and filaments that are on the market.The 500 Series addresses this with a simple selection of size and flat/angled sash. No need to worry or spend extra time researching, as these brushes will work with all paints.

Just The Facts Works With All Paints Poly Blend Bristles Full Body Triple Pinned Ferrule Works On Pail Magnets Wood Handle

Works With All Paints

All Surfaces

Apollo BrushApollo Brush

WORKS WITH ALL PAINTS: Excellent for use with all kinds of paints, and best with latex.
FULL BODY BRISTLES: These high quality poly blend firm bristles allow for exceptional cut in on walls and precision in trim work. They are designed to hold and carry a lot of paint, saving time and effort.
EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO USE: Just pick a size and start painting. Available in 2 inch, 2.5 inch, and 3 inch, with a comfortable wood handle. Extremely easy to clean and can be reused on multiple projects.
FEATURES: Triple pinned round-edge rust resistant ferrule for a sturdy, long-lasting, high-quality brush. Works with paint pail and brush clip magnets.
THESE BRUSHES JUST WORK: No need to worry or spend time researching, these brushes make it easy for anyone overwhelmed by the variety on the market. From professionals with large crews to DIYers, we’re here to save you time and money.

Apollo Brush 500 Series Poly Blend Firm Angle Sash Paint Brush (2 Inch)
Apollo Brush 500 Series Poly Blend Firm Angle Sash Paint Brush (2 Inch)


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