ZORBX Odor Remover Paint Additive (1 Jar)


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Odor removerOdor remover

Your Nose Knows

Trust Your Senses with ZORBX Odor & Stain Removers

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We create innovative odor and stain removal cleaning products that are stronger and more advanced

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How did we get our start?

In 2000, while working as a floor nurse for over 15 years, Debbie Mabrouk saw an ever-increasing need for a Fragrance Free, unobtrusive and Trusted odor remover and ZORBX was created.

What makes our products unique?

We formulate our products with the latest and most advanced odor removal and cleaning technologies available. No cover-ups. We do it right the first time every time!

Why do we love what we do?

We believe that a healthy, and clean environment improves the quality of life and that is why we’ve created our innovative products.

Trust Your Senses


Created by a Nurse

Created by a Nurse and Approved by the Healthcare Industry.

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ZORBX is the ultimate choice in removing foul smells. Use ZORBX anywhere, it’s a brand you can trust!

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Used in Top Hospitals

ZORBX is used in Top Hospitals in the USA. Made in Cleveland, Ohio and woman-owned


Tested & Pet Approved

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ZORBX is an Ideal Choice

Multi Purpose Odor RemoverMulti Purpose Odor Remover

REMOVES ODORS PERMANENTLY: Sometimes smoke smells, pet odors can settle into the surfaces, or even the smell of dead animals in the walls can make your living spaces stink badly. What to do? Break down the walls? Add one jar of our odor remover paint additive in your paint gallon and apply a fresh coat of paint. Freshen up your house with a ZORBX surface odor remover paint additive!
FAST-ACTING: Do you know the smoke smells and pet odors can linger all around your house for many weeks? They will refuse to leave your house like an unwanted guest. Do you want a permanent solution to freshen up your living spaces? Try ZORBX odor-eliminating paint additive to get rid of the unpleasant odors. ZORBX odor-eliminating paint additive will absorb all the funky odors and make your house smell fresh and clean. Say goodbye to smoke and pet urine odors.
PERFECT FOR HOMES, RENTAL UNITS, AND SCHOOLS: ZORBX odor-eliminating paint additive is perfect for getting rid of unwanted odors from homes, hospitals, rental units, schools, and much more. It will effectively tackle all the tough odors without affecting the paint’s color, application, and durability. It will make the painting process simpler and more refreshing. ZORBX surface odor eliminating paint additive – Let us take the “pain” out of painting!
ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: ZORBX odor remover paint additive is a one-step mix to your paint that removes unwanted embedded odors. If you are tired of the undesirable odors in your home and want to improve the air quality of your house, use ZORBX surface odor remover paint additive. Smelly odors? Eliminate them with ZORBX paint smell remover.
HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Whether you want to use standard or oil-based paint, ZORBX odor remover paint additive can be added to any paint and will do its job perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with us and paint it right!

ZORBX Odor Remover Paint Additive (1 Jar)
ZORBX Odor Remover Paint Additive (1 Jar)


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