TotalBoat Wood Sealer – Marine Grade Sanding Sealer and Pre Varnish Primer for Boats and Wood (Quart)


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The best way to start any varnish job is to make sure you apply the varnish to a strong foundation on bare wood that’s sealed, smooth, and resists damaging effects of the sun. TotalBoat Wood Sealer pre-varnish primer is designed specifically for this purpose. It provides a solid, level foundation for build coats of varnish, promotes good adhesion, and ensures your varnish finish looks better and lasts longer. It’s no secret that bare wood soaks up varnish like a sponge, with the first coat or two disappearing beneath the surface, sealing wood pores and filling the grain. To keep your expensive 1-part varnish from doing this vanishing act, your first varnishing act should be to apply 2-3 coats of TotalBoat Wood Sealer varnish primer – it lets you apply your 1-part varnish without thinning first, so more varnish is available for the finish coats. This economical, one-part pre-varnish marine wood sealer penetrates deeply to seal and prime all types of bare wood — even plywood and oily woods like teak. It also provides maximum protection that extends into the wood fibers to prevent cracking and checking.This clear amber wood sealer emphasizes the wood grain and natural color, and won’t muddle the color of marine filler stains applied to bare wood. Just be sure the stain is completely dry before applying Wood Sealer, and test on a small area for compatibility. Apply 2-3 coats of Wood Sealer without sanding between coats, then allow 24 hours drying time before applying varnish. 1-Part marine varnishes like TotalBoat Lust or Gleam 2.0 can be applied over it without thinning first, and without sanding between coats. You won’t waste varnish and you’ll finish much faster. TotalBoat Wood Sealer is compatible with all 1-part varnish products.Compare to Interlux Interprime Wood Sealer Clear 1026 and Pettit 2018 EZ Wood Sealer (formerly Old Salem). All TotalBoat products provide great value and great results. 100% made in the USA.
ONE-PART PRE-VARNISH WOOD SEALER for new or bare wood; fills and seals the wood grain, and creates a smooth, level surface for varnish; apply to all types of wood including plywood and oily hardwoods such as teak and mahogany
PROVIDES PROTECTION DOWN TO THE WOOD GRAIN: Prevents wood from cracking and checking, and ensures varnish won’t peel or delaminate. Creates a stable foundation for 1-part marine varnish, includingTotalBoat Lust, TotalBoat Gleam or TotalBoat Halcyon
EASY TO APPLY by brushing, rolling, or spraying on interior or exterior bare wood surfaces. If thinning is needed, for brushing, use 5-10% TotalBoat Special Brushing Thinner 100; for spraying, thin 10-25% with xylene
DRIES FAST, NO SANDING BETWEEN COATS: Quick dry, deep penetrating sealer lets you recoat in as little as 2 hours in temperatures above 72°F, and does not need sanding between coats
AVAILABLE IN QUART SIZE. For interior and exterior use under 1-part varnish or polyurethane; COLOR: Clear amber; RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF COATS: 2-3 @ 3mils wet film thickness; COVERAGE: 60-100 sq ft per quart

TotalBoat Wood Sealer – Marine Grade Sanding Sealer and Pre Varnish Primer for Boats and Wood (Quart)
TotalBoat Wood Sealer – Marine Grade Sanding Sealer and Pre Varnish Primer for Boats and Wood (Quart)


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