Shur-Line 812130 7-inch Paint Pad Applicator


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Increase Painting Efficiency – Featuring a convenient extendable design for added painting efficiency, this painting extension pole is a must-have for professional painters and handy individuals alike. The extendable scope makes it easy to reach the highest corners of your walls, revolutionizing the way you paint rooms with extended cathedral ceilings. Rather than opting for a ladder that must be moved every few feet, this painter’s pole lets you paint tall walls with speed and efficiency.
Adjustable Extension Scope – With an adjustable telescopic pole design, this painting extension pole can extend between 43″ and 78″, offering you up to 6 1/2′ of added length to paint hard-to-reach areas with ease. This extension makes it easy to paint a tall wall or ceiling without needing a ladder, increasing your speed and efficiency.
Lightweight Design, Exceptional Durability – Constructed from rugged aluminum, this painter’s pole is built to withstand tough painting in any environment. This painting extension pole is ideal for professional painters who haul their gear from job site to job site, as it can hold up to daily use and regular wear and tear. The lightweight design is easy to maneuver in tight spaces without feeling heavy or bulky, making any painting job easier and more convenient.
Simple, Convenient Connection – Featuring a convenient grooved connection tip, you can easily attach this painting roller extension pole to compatible roller brushes by screwing the tip to the handle of the brush. This takes just a few seconds, so you can easily disconnect the brush to rinse and clean it after the job is finished.
Synthetic blend
EXTENSIVE COVERAGE: Measuring 7″ in width, this paint pad applicator offers comprehensive coverage designed for painting hardwood flooring, fences and outdoor decks with speed and efficiency.
SLEEK FINISH: This innovative paint pad can absorb an exceptional amount of paint compared to traditional pads, and it can distribute the paint in a sleek, even coating with less pressure
LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Although the aluminum construction is designed for long life, the lightweight design makes it easy to paint for hours at a time with ease.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: With a rugged construction that withstands screws, nails and rough wood, this long-lasting paint pad helps reduce the number of replacement pads needed for large projects.
SIMPLE CONNECTION: This paint pad applicator features a soft-grip plastic handle that easily connects to standard extension poles, offering convenient replacement in just a few seconds.

Shur-Line 812130 7-inch Paint Pad Applicator
Shur-Line 812130 7-inch Paint Pad Applicator


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