Rethunk Junk by Laura Furniture & Cabinet Paint (Quart, Linen)


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Product Description

Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin PaintRethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint

Meet our Resin Paint System in 3 Simple Steps (Customizing and Sealing your piece is optional)

Prep Your PiecePrep Your Piece

Paint your PiecePaint your Piece

Personalize your PiecePersonalize your Piece

Seal Your Piece!Seal Your Piece!

Prep your piece!

Spray The Prep, let it sit for 3-4 minutes and wipe it down with a soft cloth. No need to rinse

This is a super important step….The Prep replaces the need to sand so you want to do it right. You can actually SEE the shine reduced – or gone completely – when you have prepped correctly. You can also feel a slightly sticky feeling and the rag will kinda drag. THAT’S how you know if you have prepped correctly.

Paint it!

Yes, Start Painting!

First coat won’t look pretty, this is your bonding coat, so don’t make it too thick. Once it is dry to the touch (approximately 15 minutes) you can apply the second coat.

You can roll, brush or spray the paint. It is water based and can be thinned with water up to 30%.

Personalize It! (Optional)

This is optional but gorgeous – You can:

Glaze: Choose among the 3 fabulous glaze colors. Brush the glaze on your project and then use a LIGHTLY damp cloth and a gentle touch to blend/erase the glaze till you get the look you want.Apply Metallics: The Resin Metals comes in 6 different colors opening broader options for different finishes or highlights.

Seal it!

When you’re finished, we recommend sealing horizontal or high use surfaces. The Tuff Top can be applied with a quality brush and is a super durable product.

Occasionally there are oils in some woods that can cause a yellow tint when the Tuff Top is applied. No problem!! Just add a couple of tablespoons of paint to your Tuff Top and problem solved!

No Sanding No Priming No WaxingNo Sanding No Priming No Waxing

You have 36 colors to choose from

Rethunk Junk Color ChartRethunk Junk Color Chart

Cabinets Before and AfterCabinets Before and After

Vanity Before and AfterVanity Before and After

Camper Before and AfterCamper Before and After

Kitchen Cabinets!

The Patent Pending Formula will adhere to almost any surface making it easier to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding or Priming.

Start painting today to refresh the home and maintain the property value over the time.

Use it everywhere!

You can paint anything! Whether you are painting small furniture pieces to large areas such stairs and railings. Rethunk Junk by Laura is the easier choice to succeed with the project.

Front porch? yes you can. Patio furniture? Yes you can! Discover a whole new world with Rethunk Junk by Laura

RV / Campers!

Is you Camper Ready for the season? Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint will help you to make your Camper look like new!

The low odor -no smell at all when cured- and the UV ready protection makes Rethunk Junk by Laura perfect for Campers. On Budget? Do it yourself and Save!

What would you paint if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Size: 16oz and 32oz. Neutrals available in Gal Dry to touch: 15 mins Curing Time: 8 to 16 Hours Depending on painting conditions. (humidity – temperature) Base: Water Based Paint Coverage: 16oz: 1 Standard 5 drawer dresser with 2 coats +62 Sq Feet // 32oz: 10ft upper cabinets with 2 coats +122 Sq Feet Application: Interior / Exterior (UV READY) Protects the color and the painted material Materials: Wood and Fiberboards, Laminates, Metals, Glass, Tiles-Ceramics, Fabrics, Plastics. Isn’t your material listed here? Kindly ask! Non-compatible materials: Waxed surfaces – Must remove wax // Exotic Woods with Bleeding oils – Must seal oils before painting.

Resin Paint ; Water Based – Soap and Water Clean Up
3-Easy Steps: 1.) Prep 2.) Paint 3.) Personalize
Note – Item is Brand New but does not Come with a Cap Liner Under the Lid.

Rethunk Junk by Laura Furniture & Cabinet Paint (Quart, Linen)
Rethunk Junk by Laura Furniture & Cabinet Paint (Quart, Linen)


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