Allgala 12-Piece 4″ Mini 3/8″ Nap Shedless Microfiber Paint Roller Cover – TH10306


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Product Description

Allgala provides various solutions to your DIY painting projects

allgala painting products allgala painting products

Allgala specialized painter roller covers with corresponding frames

These roller cover and matching frames will cater any specific needs of your next painting project. All our rollers are seedless and produce minimum lint. Woven polyester rollers yield high absorbancy and release rate, great for fast painting on semi-smooth surface. Premium woven polyester roller features even coverage for indoor painting on semi to smooth surface. Our microfiber with with blue stripe rollers are great for indoor smooth surface, make less splash. See detailed comparison below.

Standard features included with our painter roller cover, roller frames, and starter’s kits:

Different roller and brush for different taskDifferent roller and brush for different task

Sturdy and comfortable Roller FramesSturdy and comfortable Roller Frames

easy to clean, reusableeasy to clean, reusable

professional test and approvedprofessional test and approved

Lint free high absorbancy rollers

The rollers and brushes included in out kits, or a la cart, are of high quality, professional grade, lint free, with high absorption and release rate. Ideal for indoor and outdoor, semi smooth or smooth surface.

Sturdy and comfortable roller frames

Our roller frames are made of thick 5WG wires, with ergonomic designed heavy duty plastic for long lasting and comfortable grip.

Pre-threaded for attaching to a separately sold extension poles.

Easy to rinse clean, reusable

Our tools are designed and made to last. Simply rinse under tab water and clean. Then store them in the trays for future projects.

Tested and approved by professionals

We have invited professional painters to use and test our product. Everyone approves the quality and features, comparable to name brand brushes and rollers.

Sizes / Core
9″ / 1.5″ 4″ / 1.5″ 4″ Mini 9″ / 1.5″ 9″ / 1.5″ 18″ with EndCap

Polyester Polyester Microfiber Microfiber Polyester Polyester

Paint absorption
Very high Very high High High Very high Very high

Ideal Surface
Semi Smooth Semi Smooth Smooth Smooth Semi Smooth Smooth to Semi

3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8 3/8

Lint Free

12pk, 6pk, 6pk with frames 6 pack with or without frames 12 or 6 Pack 6 Pack 6 Pack 1,3,6,24 PK

Absorption (gram)
402 237 339

Release (gram)
313 90 144

For your convenience, we also have 3 types complete kits with combination of different tools and covers for different jobs.

Allgala 9 piece diy paint roller and brush kitAllgala 9 piece diy paint roller and brush kit

12-Piece Premium Painting Roller Kit Set12-Piece Premium Painting Roller Kit Set

Allgala 8-Piece Mini Paint Roller Kit - TH10308Allgala 8-Piece Mini Paint Roller Kit - TH10308

9-Piece Lint Free Paint Roller Kit with Roller Frames Covers Brush Mixer and Large Tray

2x 9″*1-1/2″ Premium Polyester Roller Cover, Yellow Color;

1x 9″ XL Paint Tray;

1x 9″Roller Frame, A18- 2 Color Soft Handle;

2x 4″ Polyester Mini Roller Refill;

1x 2″ Angle Cut Paint Brush;

1x 4″X10″ Mini Roller Frame, A3 Black Handle;

1x Mixer (Black)

12-Piece Premium Painting Roller Kit Set with Roller Frames, Covers, Steel Tray, Brush, Mixer, Masking Tape etc

2x 9″*1-1/2″ Microfiber Roller Cover

1x 9″Steel Paint Tray

1x 9″Paint Tray Liner

1x 9″Roller Frame,A7 Black

2x 4″Microfiber Roller Cover

1x 2″Angle Cut Paint Brush

1x 4″X10″Mini Roller Frame,A3 Black

1x 25mm*25m Masking Tape

1x Mixer (Black)

1x Dust Sheet 9’x12′ (2.75 M x 3.65 M)

8-Piece Mini Paint Roller Kit for small area with detail works

1x 4″ Black Tray

1x 4″ X 10″ Mini Roller Frame, A3 Handle

2x 4″ Mini Roller Cover, Microfiber

1x 9″X12′ Dust Sheet (2.75 M x 3.65 M)

1x Sanding Block

1x 2″ Paint Brush

1x Gloves

Piece Count
9 12 8



Sturdy and heavy duty quality: All accessories in this kit are made of right material for their jobs. Roller covers are with thick filament, shedless, lint free with 3/8 Nap.
4″ mini roller covers (sleeves), pack 12
Buy bulk and save…you are ready for any projects present by life
Select right package and size for your painting needs
Allgala Guarantee: your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us and we will resolve any issue to your satisfaction, even if it passes Amazon standard 30 day period

Allgala 12-Piece 4″ Mini 3/8″ Nap Shedless Microfiber Paint Roller Cover – TH10306
Allgala 12-Piece 4″ Mini 3/8″ Nap Shedless Microfiber Paint Roller Cover – TH10306


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